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Build Your Own Dedicated Server

If you need a server immediately or just for a limited period of time, our all ordered servers are available on monthly basis and can be online in 15-30 minutes.
If you want to build the perfect server for your application/software, configure a monthly server and optimize its processors, RAM, hard drives, network connectivity and add-on/optional cPanel License, SAN Storage, WHMCS License, extra Dedicated IP  to meet your requirements.




Affordable prices

Order a monthly rental server

Our dedicated server has best price on market with no hidden cost. We will help your through the process of selecting and customizing the best dedicated server for your requirements.


Affordable, Reliable, Best Dedicated Server in USA





PlanCPUCPU SpeedRAMHDDBandwidthIPv4
DS1Intel E3-1220LV22.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT4 GB 1 TB in RAID 15 TB 2

$ 135 /Mo

DS2Intel E3-1265LV22.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT4 GB1 TB in RAID 15 TB2

$ 165 /Mo

DS3Intel E3-1265LV22.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT8 GB1 TB in RAID 110 TB2

$ 195 /Mo

DS4Intel E3-1230V23.20 GHz Quad Core w/HT16 GB1 TB in RAID 115 TB2

$ 225 /Mo

Add-ons for Dedicated Servers

 ⇒ cPanel License
 ⇒ Dedicated IPv4
 ⇒ 50GB SAN Storage
 ⇒ 100 GB SAN Storage
 ⇒ 200GB SAN Storage
 ⇒ 300GB SAN Storage
 ⇒ 500GB SAN Storage
 ⇒ WHMCS License


Why we are the best for above Dedicated Servers -

  ⇒ SuperMicro Blade Servers
  ⇒ RAID 1 mirrored storage
  ⇒ Minimum 2 IPv4 address per plan
  ⇒ 99.99% uptime guarantee
  ⇒ Modern hardware, spec'd and maintained in-house
  ⇒ 24/7 expedited support from the dedicated team
  ⇒ Cent OS with full root access
  ⇒ Attractive add-on package
  ⇒ No contact, No hidden cost
  ⇒ Immediately activated
  ⇒ Monthly / Yearly basis payment